Tuesday, August 31, 2010

HomePro Cleaning Essentials Kit - Leslie Loves Veggies Blog

HomePro by design is offering a Cleaning Essentials Kit via Leslie Loves Veggies Blog. The story behind HomePro is interesting - 2 brothers cleaning carpets to get thru school that turned into a Professional Cleaning Services supplier. The products are effective, concentrated and often multipurpose. It's educational to read a professional approach to cleaning rather than the typical marketing hype about doing best by your family, having your home smell like a tropical forest or a day at the spa.
If you are like me, I'd like the house clean and to maintain that cleanliness for the longest time which translates into the getting it done the most effective way. Visit Leslies Blog at http://www.leslielovesveggies.net/2010/08/homepro-by-design-cleaning-essentials.html to learn more and get your entry in.

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