Monday, April 4, 2011

Ulitimate Blog Party 2011

Welcome to the Ultimate Blog Party 2011 on Winds of Change!

Thank you for stopping by. I firmly believe in the 'winds of change' that are forever blowing. Open your mind and embrace the 'new' which is right for you. Surfing the internet has long been an important part of my keeping up with family, friends and pursuing hobbies. And I enjoy sharing the best of what I find here on the blog. I look forward to the Ultimate Blog Party as there are always new and amazing blogs to discover. There will be a Twitter Live Event on Monday night April 4th (use tag #UBP11 on Twitter) — 9-10:30pm Eastern. Also there will be a live MOMTV event on Thursday 9 - 11 pm Eastern. The lists of blogs participating will be available long after the event is over. That's important to me as I've never made it thru all of them before the Party officially closes.
Visit here for details on UBP 2011 and start your blog hopping. Yes, there are prizes also! Come back and let me know how you enjoyed the party and whether you won anything.

" To enter to win the Prizes on the Prize Page you must fill out a PRIZE ENTRY FORM. You can submit it any time before midnight Friday April 8th. So take your time and browse the prize listings, because in your entry form you will have the chance to indicate your top prize choices from the incredible Ultimate Blog Party 2011 Prize Pool!"
is giving away a $25 SUBWAY gift card and I have entered to win it. Check out her UBP11 post here.

Ultimate Blog Party 2011


  1. Hi, I'm visiting from the UBP'11...

    I have a few or two might appeal to you :-}

    Come on home - mom blog

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    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Thanks for coming by my blog UBP11 party! Nice to fake meet you Betty!

  3. Thank you for visiting and entering my SUBWAY giveaway!

    Good luck with your blog :)