Saturday, January 21, 2012

Win a Butt Bench! at Mommy Living the Life of Riley blog

Read the name of this bathroom safety product and I totally thought, couldn't they come up with something ... anything better? After reading the blog review at and also visiting the sponsor, this is a wonderful product. You can sit, and not slip around cutting yourself as you shave your legs. You can actually have a place to store the multiple products that build up when more than one person is using a bathroom. We tend to sit a few items up on top of the shower bar which means one of the bottles can come tumbling down during your shower. This is precarious at best and I'd love to see a bench at the end of tub to store the various products and to sit on. So, by the end of the review I was a believer in the 'Butt Bench' product and thought the name was absolutely appropriate.

As you can tell, I'm intrigued by the convenience aspect. My Mother in law needs the security of being able to sit down while showering. This bench would keep her up higher so that she does not face struggling to get back up out of the tub. Visit the sponsor at to see the variety of sizes and colors the bench comes in.

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